Each and every purchase made by you will be converted into points based on the points Table given ahead in this catalogue.

For e.g. if you purchase 1 case of Godrej Expert Powder Hair Dye you will earn 61 points. Even if you buy Ĺ case of the same you will earn 61/2 = 30.5 points.

BONUS POINTS: You will be eligible to BONUS POINTS as per rules given below.

Target Points Bonus points on 100%
completion of target
Upto 1000 10%
1001 to 3000 15%
3001 to 20,000 20%
20,001 and above 25%

TRACKING OF POINTS For your purchase to be eligible for getting added to your tally, you will have to purchase in the same firm name for the entire period. In case you have multiple buying firms, you will have to register all the firm names at the time of enrollment to ensure that your purchases can be clubbed.

CASH PURCHASES or PURCHASES made other than you registered firm / firms even with authorized distributor will not be considered for earning points.

The reason for the above is that purchases will be taken directly from distributors billing software by us and converted to points by our software based on enrollment information provided by you.

Since we want you to remain updated on your points earning status so that you donít miss the opportunity to earn bonuses.


Hence it is very important that you provide correct mobile number at the time of enrollment.

Following rules apply for redemption of earned points.
1. Redemption can be done only at the end of the quarter.
2. Redemption is possible only if 100% of target is completed.
3. In case target achievement is between 90% and 100% redemption is not possible. All points will be carried forward to the next quarter.
4. In case target achievement is Less than 90% you points will not be eligible for redemption and you will not be able to carry them forward to the next quarter. You will have to enroll afresh in the next quarter to start earning points.

1. All partners eligible for redemption after the quarter (31st December 2009) will receive an SMS starting the points they can redeem based on the above rules.
2. They will also receive a password by SMS.
3. Redemption request has to be sent by SMS from the registered mobile number only.
4. Redemption request should contain the gift code followed by the password.
5. Redemption request without the password will not be accepted.
6. Redemption can be done from the catalogue provided with this brochure
7. Partial redemption is allowed. Balance points will be carried forward.
8. 4-6 weeks will be required for delivery and confirmation
9. Once you send a redemption request you will receive a reference number which can be used to track your gift status by sending SMS.
10. There are over 40 products across points range.


For Activation send SMS -
ENR < space > < form number > to 09223052255

For Redemption send SMS -
RD < space > < gift code > < space > < password > to 09223052255

For Balance points enquiry send SMS -
BL to 09223052255

So start collecting your points from today.

Best wishes!!!


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